Michael Rosenberg Photography

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The magic of award-winning Seattle portrait photographer Michael Rosenberg is his gift for capturing the singular moment of emotion that reveals an entire story.

It may be unstudied gesture, the flicker of a glance, the tilt of a head, the poetic body language of people in love—with life, with each other, with a child. Just as you cannot fake an emotion, you cannot stage such moments. How then does the story get told? 

“My task as a seeker of these stories,” Michael says, “is to become a part of the dance of intimacies of my subjects, to attune myself to them, to wait for the moment when the window opens to the soul, and to capture that moment in an image that will endure for all time.”

Michael has been telling photographic stories for two decades, pushing the boundaries of fine art portraiture photography, and garnering awards in the process. He has photographed countless families, children, couples, celebrities and politicians. On his recent visit to the Seattle area, Michael was asked and had the honor of photographing the President of the United States, Barack Obama. 

“The real rewards, though,” he confesses, “are the relationships I develop with my clients and the knowledge that these images are how they will remember and retell the story of their lives.”